Single Fathers Reclaiming Their Kingdom


Welcome to the Brotherhood

The King collective is all about…

Liberating single fathers.

Since 2016, the King Collective’s sole purpose is to provide a beacon of light for single dads in an otherwise dark place. Together, we find solidarity in using the breakup as the launchpad for growth - the beginning of the new man you need to become. The King Collective is for men who want REAL, life long results and who are willing to put in the work to reclaim their kingdom.

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Program offerings

Join the kingdom
Health, mindset & Family law

A powerful set of resources for single dads that gives direction, power and certainty back into their life

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King Life Mastery
FoR Total life mastery

Everything inside The Kingdom + The King Life Mastery 6 month intensive program including in person retreats and 1-on-1 support with Millar


Real Men.
Real Results.

The King Collective’s primary focus is about getting results. Hear and read some of the success stories from men inside the brotherhood.


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GET instant access to ‘brea.king up'

‘Brea-KING UP’ is a free video program on the mindset, strategy and character traits you must develop to unlock power in your life again as a single dad. Millar shares his raw story on how he went from drinking daily to deal with the despair of not seeing his kids as much to now seeing his kids whenever he wants and empowering thousands of other single dads to find their purpose, identity and direction again.

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