the King Collective


Liberating single fathers since 2016, The King Collective’s sole purpose is to provide a beacon of light in an otherwise dark place for these men. When Millar went through the breakup in 2012 he realised that there was nothing out there for single dads that gave him any hope of being happy and fulfilled again, now that he was a ‘single dad’. After making years of mistakes, lacking purpose, power or direction he realised that the happiness and fulfilment he was searching for, needed to happen within himself first. The breakup was a representation of the man he needed to become rather than a representation of everything he wasn’t. It’s Millar’s mission to empower single fathers to rediscover themselves so they can let go of the past, look forward to the future and connect with their kids.

Enough life has been lost for single dads who aren’t seeing their kids or just lack meaning, fulfilment and direction in their life.

Join us in taking a stand.